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National planner rewarded

National planner rewarded


Laura Anthony Browne, this nation’s newest MBE recipient has been showered with praises. The words of commendations came last Tuesday morning at Government House.

They came from Governor General Deputy Monica Dacon. {{more}}

Anthony/Browne, from the North Leeward village of Troumaca was among last year’s queen honours list. She was rewarded for her “distinguished contribution to public service and national Planning.”

Millicent Iton and Pat Prescod, both former recipients of similar awards presented Anthony/Browne.

She was supported by her daughter Lari, sisters, Angela and Deirdre, father Leopold, brother Phillip and sister in law Gwenneth.

Dacon was open in her tribute to Anthony/Browne’s parents, and singled out the deceased mother Miriam Anthony whom Dacon considered had played an important part in her children’s upbringing. Dacon was not discriminatory, but she emphasised the mother’s role in setting the foundation for Anthony/Browne’s eventual success.

Dacon’s homage was moving. She outlined several of Anthony/ Browne’s traits one of which she described as “serene, very calm, but could make strong decisions and abide by the consequences.”

Dacon noted that Anthony Brown came from “humble country folks.”

Anthony/Browne’s father Leopold, himself a community activist did not miss the opportunity to respond.

For him that was the “greatest thing to have happened to the Anthony family.”

He endorsed Dacon’s view of Anthony/Browne’s mother and asserted that she would have been “happy and proud” of her daughter’s recognition.

The father expressed the view that one of these days, he would be able to tell her what took place.

Anthony/Browne has commanded a number of high profile posts including Director of Planning.