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NDP launches Hull

NDP launches Hull

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The New Democratic Party continued its preparation for the next poll with the launching of its candidate for Central Leeward last Saturday night.

Once again the NDP managed to attract a large crowd which swamped the Barrouallie Playing Field and caused traffic jams for person trying to get in and out of the small coastal town.{{more}}

Norrell Hull a former Bermuda based policeman, was being presented, once again to the people of his hometown, as the NDP’s hopeful in an attempt to wrest this seat held by the Layou born Louis Straker.

Straker, the sitting Deputy Prime Minister in the ULP administration, like Hull returned home from overseas to contest elections and has remained home since. This will be Hull’s third attempt to unseat Straker.

The NDP roadshow was very well organised, complete with the large screens that at times flashed main points of the various speaker’s speeches on one side even while the other continued with the live image.

The event began with a candlelight march that descended into the town before the warm up speeches and performances began. Speakers included St. Clare Leacock who is still warming up for his eventual launch in Central Kingstown.

When Hull finally took to the podium he appealed to the emotions of his hometown folk. Hull said he had come “through blood sweat and tears” and understood that “no man is an island” as he dedicated his speech to the memory of his departed mother. He said it had not been an easy road but appealed for the support of the people of the constituency so that he can “soon reap the fruit” of his labour.

Hull addressed what must be his pet topic, that of policing. He promised that if elected the Police Force would see continuous training being introduced to enhance the performance of the officers. He made reference to an Orville Durrant report which he said had been done by the former Barbados chief and which Hull said must be made public. He took a further dig at the Unity Labour party administration for what he called its “poor performance on law and order.”

Coming back home to his constituency, Hull highlighted the sporting achievements of persons such as Ezra Henrickson, the Barrouallie-born US professional footballer and called for the enclosing of the Keartons Playing Field “so that money can be made”.

Party leader Arnhim Eustace began his address with an appeal for assistance for kidney patient D.J Pay Pay. He then promised that when he assumes office again his government would establish a dialysis unit at the hospital.

He took aim at the ULP and said he had noted that “the panic button is on”. He questioned why the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on St. Vincent and the Grenadines had not been published as he charged that there was no transparency.

The NDP platform was a loaded one with party stalwarts from the glory days of the NDP including Marcus DeFrietas, Allan Cruickshank and Kerwyn Morris and the new faces such as Frank DaSilva, Vynette Frederick, Osborne Quow and Daniel Cummings. What seems certain is that the NDP is riding in high spirits these days looking forward to the next poll. The party still has not yet launched all its candidates.