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Bequia family claims sibling was murdered

Bequia family claims sibling was murdered


A Bequia family remains adamant its youngest member was murdered even though police are still trying to unearth the circumstances of the child’s death.

On Wednesday, May 11, seven-year-old Anwar Nero of Paget Farm, was found dead lying in a pool of water. The body was discovered face down on a block plant in Paget Farm, four days after the child went missing. {{more}}

Zelma Nero, Anwar’s grandmother broke into tears as she recalled the evening he disappeared.

It was just past 5 p.m., Sunday, May 8, when Nero sent her grandson to purchase four 25-cent biscuits at a shop.

The grandmother, who keeps watch at the Paget Farm Government School, said when young Anwar did not return, she went to her home believing that he would come. She was not too worried about her grandson’s tardiness since he sometimes played with other little boys on the way.

As it grew later into the evening, Nero telephoned a friend whose children usually played with him, but was told he was not there.

She said she went the following day to her friend’s home intending to ask her to cut the joke out, only to discover that the woman was telling the truth.

Nero disclosed that a search was carried out at the primary school among Anwar’s friends but was told that no one had seen him. She claimed the matter was immediately reported to the police.

In tears, Nero recalled that after searching on her own for two more days, with very little assistance from anyone else, she journeyed to mainland St.Vincent and made an announcement at the television station as well as via a radio station

On Wednesday, May 11, while returning to Bequia she received a telephone call stating that Anwar had been found dead.

Nero said when she contacted the shopkeeper of the shop she had sent Anwar to, she was told he had never arrived there.

Donson Nero, one of Anwar’s uncles, said he believed his nephew was killed as a means of revenge. The young man said that in April he had an argument with a man that developed into an altercation. Donson recalled that during the altercation the man had received a cut on his hand.

“He said if he can’t get the group that was there at the time, he will catch we one by one, because somebody have to pay for it,” Donson said.

Donson disclosed he had received information that Anwar was at his enemy’s home playing marbles with the man’s son on the evening he disappeared.

A post mortem revealed that the child died from blunt trauma to the face.

Anwar Nero was buried on Sunday, May 15, following a funeral service at the Ephesians Tabernacle, La Pompe.

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