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The thought behind Thinking Day

The thought behind Thinking Day

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It’s the biggest event on the Girl Guides calendar and some 10 million Guides around the world including this country commemorated the event under the theme” Sharing the Fruits of the Earth.”

The local guides congregated at the Guides Hut at Level Gardens where they celebrated thinking day with a food fair from various countries around the world. {{more}}

But as Chief Company Guider Althea Commissiong noted, the aim is to not only share the edible fruits of this world, but also the talents that many young women possess. She said this was emphasized at a church service at the Apostalic Faith church in Campden Park where engineer, Andrea Lewis was the feature speaker.

Re`cheanne Browne co-ordinator of events called on more young women to join the girl guides which she said will help to make the ladies well rounded.

She noted not only do guiders learn survival skills through various camps but they also learn cosmotology and positive self image techniques which establishes a confident outlook on life.

History of the girl guide movement- A Love Story

The organisation which was established on the 22 February 1910 was founded by Lord Robert Powell and Lady Olave Powell, who met while on a cruise to Jamaica.

Although Lord Baden-Powell was 20 Years Lady Olive’s senior, they both fell in love and got married and used that day as a moment for guides around the world to remember each other.

Sir Robert Baden-Powell was a retired army Veteran who earlier founded the Boy Scouts in 1908 and later formed the girl guides in 1910 after girls began to call themselves girl guides.

The Girl Guides was established after the Boy Scouts Movement in 1908 only after girls wanted to attend scout meetings.