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Curth still trying to recover from Ivan

Curth still trying to recover from Ivan

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A young man whose plight was highlighted in SEARCHLIGHT following the passage of Hurricane Ivan is once again appealing for assistance. Curth Clifton whose humble abode at Upper New Montrose suffered structural damage when its roof was blown off during last September’s killer storm came to this newspaper last week appealing for help with finances to repair what remains of the structure he once shared with a brother. {{more}}

Clifton said that after the storm he had gone to the offices of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and spoken to Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator Howie Prince who he said had promised materials.

The materials, however, Clifton said have not been collected since he has nowhere to store them and no money to afford a contractor and labour to have the place repaired.

Clifton said his brother, who still lives in a section of the building, which is partly covered, is unable to assist since he suffers from mental illness.

Clifton himself said that he loves to work but does not have the strength to do so. He said his work is now “spiritual.”

He said he had some help from some of his Rastafarian brethren but is in need of what he estimates may be just in the realm of $4000 to make his abode habitable again. He has asked that anyone who is moved to assist to contact him through Alonzo Stephens at 527 0591 or via his sister Kendra Clifton at 527 4265.