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Petroleum prices on the rise again

Petroleum prices on the rise again

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For the second time in four months Vincentians will have to fork out more for fuel. The biggest increase hits kerosene users the hardest. They will have to set aside $2.5 for a gallon. {{more}}

Kerosene usage is perhaps not as widespread as other fuels, but the consumers of that product are normally those at the bottom end on the economic ladder.

Vehicle owners using diesel have to pay 75 cents more a gallon, while consumers of gasoline have an additional 50 cents on their cost. The new price hike, takes effect in three weeks time and is in addition to the 75 cents consumers were forced to make last august.

The increases will definitely impact the cost of living, a fact Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was quick to point out. And he has “mandated the Transport Board to hold discussions with the Taxi Men Association, and the National Omnibus Association (NOBA) concerning the implementation of reasonable adjustment”.

And the government will not be leaving everything up to chance. “Government will continue to monitor the cost of thee products and will make a downward adjustment as soon as there is any ease in the international prices of these commodities.”