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Four Years Residence in the West Indies, F.W.N. Bayley, 1830

“…there is no careenage at St.Vincent; therefore, instead of rowing greatly alongside a flight of very convenient steps, and getting quietly out of the boat, without any fear of wetting, people are obliged to run their boats aground and watching their opportunity, to leap on shore as soon as the sea may withdrawn to a respectful distance… {{more}}

“We repaired to the old government- house which was one of the dirtiest, old ruinous and ramshackle buildings I ever saw. It was in a perilous state of decay; and if the southern gales had not been particularly calm on the day in question, it would have been long ere I had trusted my venerable head under the roof of the said current castle…

“In the Garrison there are four companies of regulars, commanded by a major who is commandant; a detachment of artillery, under a lieutenant; a fort-adjutant, a barrack-master, an ordinance storekeeper, an engineer officer, a commissary, and military labourers – the medical department is composed of a staff and assistant-surgeon, with stewards and keepers…

“The inhabitants of St.Vincent are very fond of marooning parties, and these pleasant little excursions were much patronised by the Governor. Assemblies of some dozen ladies and perhaps double that number of gentlemen, repair to a rural spot, where under the cover of a tent, or beneath the shade of trees, they enjoy a cold meal, which serves for a dinner.”