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Chawa: the best around hair

Chawa: the best around hair

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Today Chawa’s Beauty Salon marks its third anniversary. Located in the heart of Kingstown, the outlet observes the event with a week of activities.

During that time, patrons can enhance their crowning beauty with treatment at Chawa’s. {{more}}

Owned by young entrepreneur Chawa Primus, this business is an example of the Caribbean woman’s determination to succeed. One with a gift for hair styling, Chawa continues to climb the ladder in the hair care industry. She upgrades her skills with ongoing training and exposure in the field. She is franchise holder of Eternal Products, and having been versed in the usage and application of those hair treatment applications, Chawa is well placed to deepen her impact on the hair care platform.

Her focus is to be a better businessperson. Another area she wants to overcome is “dealing with difficult clients.”

One with an air of quiet assuredness, Chawa benefits from her input.

“I have to be best at what I do,” she said. And with her dedication to the profession, Chawa is a model.

She observes that “every day there is a different style,” and that one has to keep up with the trends.

She knows that competition is prevalent, but admitted : “My work is my statement. I see myself as my competition.”

With a good staff, and fortified by the blessings of the Almighty, Chawa entrenches her rights in the hair care industry. Anything you want to do with your hair, Chawa is the place.