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‘We want to ensure that the state is peaceful and safe’

‘We want to ensure that the state is peaceful and safe’

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Independence Message from the Commissioner of Police Keith G. Miller – on the 29th Anniversary of Independence – October 27th, 2008

Twenty-nine (29) years have passed since St. Vincent and the Grenadines attained its Political Independence from the United Kingdom. This means that it was given the responsibility to determine a number of things, including its development as a state, notwithstanding its dependence, like every other state, on many internal and external factors.{{more}}

One of the main defining elements of a state is its permanent population/people/human resources. As a Police Force, we are key to this element. As a result, we have an integral role to play in the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This we do by ensuring, amongst other things, that law and order and public security are maintained, thereby engendering/promoting development.

Every citizen and every visitor want to exist in a state of peace in order to function normally. So, too, every investor, local or foreign, wants to ensure, amongst other things, that the security climate and risk level are conducive even before they begin their negotiations to explore the possibility of investing their assets and be guaranteed a high level of stability.

From all reports and my observation, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a fast developing economy/state, as compared to twenty-nine (29) years ago. I am happy to report that members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines, past and present, have contributed to this development, notwithstanding our challenges and limitations, by providing capable human resources to undertake our mandate and encourage positive functionality of our society.

We want to ensure that the state is peaceful and safe. We are prepared to send an aggressive and assertive signal to those who believe that they can disrupt the state’s peace and tranquility by committing acts of violence and criminality. Our lawful, abiding people need to operate within their constitutional rights and freedoms, hence their independence, free from interference by any intruder of their privileges. As a result of this, we have stepped up on our approach to many things.

Policing is meant to be conducted hard and aggressively, but within the framework which governs us. We are cognizant of this and encourage every member to be polite, respectful, honest, fair and loyal. However, there are some law-breakers who are bent on committing unlawful acts; they see this as a livelihood. This has given rise to our varying methods in dealing with their modus operandi.

We are going to maintain our aggression because peace, security and safety of our state are paramount in order to ensure that it experiences the stability it requires to grow. To ensure our aggression is maintained and sufficient personnel are more readily available to put preventative measures in place and to respond accordingly, our leave structure was reorganized. I want to commend every member of the Force for remembering and understanding our core roles, adapting quickly and continuing the task for which we are mandated.

I want to also thank every member of the public who has supported us. We appreciate your effort in the role you play in ensuring that our state is safe. We also appreciate your patience with a few outstanding matters. We are aware of your concerns about the “rapist”, but in fear of letting him/them in on what we are doing, I cannot divulge our strategies. We are also aware of your concerns regarding the gun-related crimes, especially killings.

We have recognized a link between these killings, illegal firearms, use and trafficking of narcotics substances, a trend recognized around the region. A problem also identified by the Committee on Hemispheric Security of the Organisation of American States (OAS). We have put a number of measures in place to help identify the movement of illegal firearms into St. Vincent and the Grenadines and to find those already here. Every effort will also be made to eradicate and clean up our mountains of cannabis and other illegal activities. Further, all efforts will be made by us to restore and maintain our envied name “Home of the Blessed” and to ensure that as a citizen, visitor, investor or well-wisher, our beloved state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is safe. Have a happy 29th Anniversary of Independence. May God continue to bless us all!