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SVG’s goal – rapid innovation not the begging bowl

SVG’s goal – rapid innovation not the begging bowl

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Independence Message from the Leader of the SVG Green Party – Ivan O’Neal on the 29th Anniversary of Independence – October 27th, 2008

Independence should have been the mechanism for lifting our country from the plague of poverty, illiteracy and helplessness. Yet for the 29 years of our independence, SVG’s lifeline has been dependency on the begging bowl. The Labour Party, the NDP and more noticeably the ULP have illustrated competency in begging, but incompetence in economics. They have been unable to build a strong and sustainable economy for the people of SVG.{{more}}

The ULP regime is fully aware that the more we beg, the weaker and poorer we become, mentally and psychologically, since we fail to harness our true potential as a nation. The ULP continues with this destructive strategy because of their inability to be creative and innovative. They cannot create an export driven strategy and build a strong and sustainable economy – they have to rely on the begging bowl to survive.

It is critically important that we innovate and adopt a new economic strategy of a multi-sector economy and utilise our enormous indigenous resources. By doing so we would show the region and the international community that we are capable of designing, building and putting into practice a strong and sustainable economy without need for a begging bowl.

The world needs to know that the poor masses of SVG are suffering. They are enduring the worst political and economic disaster since adult suffrage. Our nation needs to eradicate this ‘ULP regime disease’ of over-regulation, over-taxation, high unemployment, hungry families, rape, 36 murders a year, high utility bills, heartless VAT and high food prices. Under this ULP regime begging bowl approach, there is no economic future for the youths of SVG.

A nation that innovates has a strong economy and a very narrow gap between the rich and the poor where poverty, crime, drugs and a gun culture cannot survive or will be negligible. The objective of getting away from this negative strategy employed by the ULP regime is for our nation to command regional and international respect, which we don’t have now.

I know that you feel let down and betrayed. The ULP regime has broken promises, and their policies are depriving people of jobs, equality in education and ownership in land. Their policies are hostile to people who want to earn and save money, have their own business and have the best for their kids.

You gave the ULP regime your loyalty – they betrayed it. Now, we are facing serious problems in SVG. Our country is dying by the second. It’s dying because business is dying and prices for the basics are destroying the value of life.

We will never be truly independent until our nation is prouder, stronger and richer. SVG Green Party has respect for the values you cherish and the values you want to see reflected in a good government. We will restore your faith in government and restore faith in the Vincentian Independence dream. It’s time for our people to be empowered and every child to be properly educated to the highest level. It’s time to let the sun rise again over SVG after these dark days of the ULP regime.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone at home and in the Diaspora a happy 29th Independence Anniversary, and may God continue to bless St Vincent and the Grenadines with peace, love and prosperity.