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SVG Players International takes Band of the Year title

SVG Players International takes Band of the Year title

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SVG Players International are once again basking in the warm rays of victory, after winning the Band of the Year title for 2013.{{more}}

Scoring 588 points, the band again rose to prominence with their production “Garifuna Story”, beating last year’s winner, Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM Blondie Bird and Friends into second place.

SVG Players International displayed 11 colourful and dazzling sections, which highlighted various aspects of this country’s Garifuna heritage, including: Arawaks in Kalinago, Birth Nation, Cassava Bam Bam, Cotton Buds, King’ss Ball, Punta Rock, Sugar Sweet, War, Spirit of Ashanti and Unesco Awards.

Apart from capturing the Band of the Year title, the band also won the “Uptown Competition”.

Winner of Band of the Year for the last three years, Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM Blondie Bird and Friends had to settle for the second position with 583 points, with their presentation “Jewels of the Caribbean”.

Owen Ralph and the Professionals with their presentation “Shades of Colours” rounded off the top three with 521 points.

Stag The News Dragons with their presentation “A touch of class – A tribute to Vincy Mas” and the Metrocint General Insurance Co/The Vincentian Publishing Co in association with the Hairoun High Voltage Mas Production with their production “Tribute 50”, came in fourth and fifth respectively.

Marketing and Public Relations officer of SVG Players International Lance Neverson summed up their win in one word – “exhilarating”.

Apart from other prizes, the band walked away with $50,000, which was offered this year in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Band of the Year competition.

“It was an arduous task in putting together the production, but it all paid off in the end. We put our best into the production this year, and when we really look back at what we have done, the incentive that was being offered was an additional motivation for the band… with the band being such a serious organisation, we can’t overlook the desire to win the money,” an elated Neverson told SEARCHLIGHT.

He said when it comes to the Garifuna heritage, mas man Junior “Pilling” Pollard is passionate.

“We thought, being the year of the Garifuna, it would have been the most fitting thing to do to pay tribute to the Garifuna…”

He said they thought it was necessary to do the Carnival production as an educational band for the people, to open their eyes to the story of the Garifuna.

“It’s not just Chatoyer. Normally in St Vincent when we speak about Garifuna, people automatically believe Chatoyer is the only Garifuna…”

Neverson said the storyline for the production was easy to pull off, because of the rich heritage of the Garifuna.

He thanked their sponsors and all the persons who have been with them throughout the years, helping in the tents, and the masqueraders who continue to play their mas with the band each year.

SVG Players International previously won the Band of the Year title in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. (KW)