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Easterval climaxes with LIME Easterval Night Mas

Easterval climaxes with LIME Easterval Night Mas

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It was a fitting end to a spectacular weekend of fun and frolic.{{more}}

LIME, the country’s leading telecommunications provider and sponsors of the Easterval event in Union Island for fourteen years now, can again boast that the inaugural Monday Night Mas sponsored by LIME was a tremendous success for revelers and organizers.

This year saw an innovation, and LIME was there to be part of history. LIME Monday Night Mas replaced the LIME Monday evening street jump up. This year, lots of light and color were added to the festivity. Revelers were adorned with face mas, LIME branded glow sticks, fluorescent color t-shirts, bandanas and thunder sticks.

The event got started at 7:30 pm after a one-hour delay, but it was worth the wait. Revelers followed the music truck from the hard court in Ashton and jumped for three hours into Clifton to climax the event with an after party that went way beyond midnight.

To quote one reveler: “LIME score big with this one. Monday Night mas was definitely the best event for the festival this year. I had lots of fun and I look forward to some improvements next year.”

Present at the event was LIME General Manager, Angus Steele, who also endorsed the event as the best for the festivity. Said Steele: “LIME always wants to be the leader at everything we do like Service, Technology, Carnival, Community, Sports, whatever, and we were pleased to be the inaugural sponsors of the Monday Night Mas. We were involved in Easterval for fourteen years and we have shown loyalty in the regard. We will continue to work with the committee to improve the festival. It is a good source of revenue for the tourist industry here, and it’s a good thing.”

LIME was also the major sponsor of the Soca Fest held on Sunday, April 4, at the Union Island Hard court. The event saw a moderate crowd and lively performances from LIME Vincy Soca Dans and artistes from Grenada.

Easterval celebrations began in 1966. At that time, Unionites living in Trinidad journeyed home during Easter to host track and field events. The festival developed over the years, and in 1982 the Beauty pageant was added to the celebrations. It was not until 1986 that the festival became a nine-day event to include activities like drumming, dancing, speech, mas and folk singing.