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Blues Fest this weekend

Blues Fest this weekend

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Despite the cancellation of performer Isaac Hayes, who was to be one of the show stoppers to perform on Saturday February 4 at Blues Fest, 2005 at Buccama on the Bay, Tourism Minister Glen Beache has promised that the show will go on and will be fantastic.

Hayes, who has been on a hectic schedule, is suffering from exhaustion and had to cancel most of his shows around the world, Blues Fest being one of them. According to Minister Beache, the show will go on and the well-known voice of Jeffery Osborne will replace Hayes.{{more}}

Beache admitted that although many people do not remember the name Jeffery Osborne, once he sings they will recognise his tunes and be able to sing along. He promised that the show will also feature top local acts who will show their versatility in Rhythm and Blues.

Technical Co-ordinator of Blues Fest, Dennis Ambrose assured patrons that there will be adequate parking and the security will be top notch. He however advised persons to take extra precautions to make sure that their vehicles are secured.

Ambrose said that the road leading to Buccama on the Bay will be restored to make it easier for vehicles to travel down to the venue, but for persons who wish to park on the main road, a shuttle service will be provided.

Patrons were also advised to be discreet when taking “still” pictures at the show but were prohibited from filming the artistes with video cameras.

Several of the show’s sponsors were also present to hand over cheques at the Press Conference, which was held at the Cruise Ship Berth on Monday January 30.

The other main act scheduled to perform on Friday February 4 at Buccama on the Bay is the R&B male quartet of 112.