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Sexy Sugarz is first female Soca monarch

Sexy Sugarz is first female Soca monarch

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The name Aileen Joyette might probably not ring a bell. Some persons in the North Leeward village of Fitz Hughes, or other connections around that area may know who the person is. But if I say Sexy Sugarz, the entire nation will go up in applause.

Sexy Sugarz is the first ever Ladies Soca monarch winner. She copped the title last Sunday at Carnival City Victoria Park. {{more}}

Supported by a cast that depicted her song in dramatic fashion, Sexy Sugarz entertained the audience with the number ‘Kitty cat.’ The song complained of neglect by her husband who opted for preference to the family’s feline pet.

The song had already captivated audiences with a catchy melody and ambiguous interpretation. As momentum towards carnival revelry intensifies, Sugarz’s was a useful fuel.

Sugarz beat nine rivals, a decision, which was greeted with tumultuous acclaim. Sugarz had sufficient home support, galvanized by her connection to the Roses Crew outfit, which burst on the national scene in 1999 when Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper swept to the Soca Monarch title.

Sugarz has been in the Roses Crew shadow. Her song ‘Caller’s ID’ has perhaps been her most identifying release.

Sugarz however has established herself, as part of North Leeward’s first musical family.

She is the wife, so to speak, of popular entertainer Gregory ‘DJ Twenty’ Small. They have a three-year-old daughter Kayla. Sugarz sees her triumph as a sign of things for this year.

DJ Twenty has been having a phenomenal season. His ‘Seed under leaf,’ is one of the leading contenders for the Soca monarch title, if the feelings of the music pundits are to be accepted.

Sugarz is looking forward to a good season for Twenty. “He just has to deliver,” she said about DJ Twenty’s prediction.

Kitty cat was composed by DJ Twenty and Chain Saw, who is another Roses Crew member. Chain saw was part of the drama team last Sunday.

Sugarz is a former Petit Bordel Secondary and Fitz Hughes Primary School student. Her father is a musician; hence her gravitation to the field came naturally. But the connection with D. J. Twenty seems to have been the launching pad for her musical take off. Sugarz gave an early promotion of the family’s 2005 production entitled ‘Let loose and break away’ featuring Sugarz and Twenty and containing 16 tracks. Sugarz sees the title as symbolic.

She believes that this year they are bound for higher ground.

“We feel free up,” Sugarz said.