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CDC responds to MARIDO

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CEO of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Ashford Wood has described as unfair and malicious, the claims by the Marriaqua Development Organization (MARIDO) that the National Sports Council has stalled carnival activities in Marriaqua. {{more}}

In a recent television programme President of MARIDO, Barbara Bacchus complained that carnival activities in Marriaqua had to be postponed because the association was experiencing difficulties obtaining the Cane End Playing Field to host the activities. Bacchus said the National Sports Council (NSC) had requested a fee of $1,700 for use of the facility but the organization is not in a position to meet the cost at this time.

Wood told the media the CDC usually offers financial and other support to all rural CDCs. He said this year $8,000 – $10,000 have been allocated to those committees a percentage of which was paid up front with the balance presented at the end of the activities to help pay prize monies and other expenses. Wood said the rural CDCs, including MARIDO had already received $5,000 of their allocated monies pointing out that CDC is not expected to finance their activity one hundred percent.