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Calypso queen looking for hattrick

Calypso queen looking for hattrick

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“Princess Monique” is sending a clear warning to the other eight competitors in this Saturday’s Queen of Calypso competition to come strong or go home.

While she wished the other contestants all the best, she said the show would bring out the competitive side of her. {{more}}

“Since 1996 I have been singing in Trinidad, I have been to the semi-finals and have performed with the greats, Lord Kitchener, Mighty Bomber, Cro Cro, Singing Sandra, you name it. We all performed in the same tent. So I have leaned from the best.” The double monarch said.

“Calypso is all I have known, it has given me everything, this is my livelihood and I came to win the competition, I take it very seriously.”

Princess Monique who visited the offices of SEARCHLIGHT Wednesday, noted that she had won in the Queen of Calypso crown in 2003 with her songs “Caribbean Integration” and “Colonisers” and in 2004 with “15 Talking Heads” and “Political Comentary Unwanted” and boasted that she would be doing the hattrick for 2005 with her songs “Home grown terrorists” and “SVG is tops.”

She noted that while the first number seems to be a favourite among many because it addresses the issue of abuse with women, the latter, “SVG is tops’ was a personal favourite.

The eight finalists for the Queen of Calypso show are: Jamille “Singing Jamie” Wilson, Aloma “Fatty Dan” Cadogan, Cecil “Little Bit” King, Corneisha “Neisha” Cooke, Andrine “Rankin Bash” Baptiste, Denise “Lady D” Stephens and Keritha “Laylee” Westfield and Pat Ralph.

The top prize in the show would be $3000.