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Jahamidon on a higher level

Jahamidon on a higher level

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At the impressionable age of 10 Vincentian Jason Williams a.k.a. Jahamidon discovered his love and talent for writing, DJ-ing, rapping and singing. Today he is taking his music to a “higher level” in Canada.

Soon the world may be hearing about this distinctive talent who originated from Calder.{{more}}

Jahamidon, affectionately called ‘the Mockingbird,’ has released his newest single that has been taking Canada by storm. The song which he co-produced, combines his background of reggae, soca and calypso, which he brought from his homeland St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Growing up, though life was a continual struggle, Jahamidon was fortunate to be exposed to and influenced by pioneering artists such as Jamaica’s Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, South Africa’s Lucky Dube, America’s Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG, to name a few.

With his hard-hitting voice and strong lyrical content, he brings a unique explosion of music expanding his repertoire in such varied formats as reggae, soca, calypso, hip-hop, country and pop, which make him very marketable on any mainstream level.

At age 17, Jahamidon and Hansby ‘Klasic’ Bailey recorded their first hit “The Key of Life”. Other hits followed such as “Where is Heaven?” featuring Kevin Lyttle, and “Raised in Hell”. He has also opened for artistes like Bush Man.

Jahamidon considers himself a ‘Ghetto Journalist”. He speaks very candidly with no candy-coated lyrics and his sound stands on its own bringing versatility, spice and power to all shows he has participated in.

Jahamidon takes his work seriously with a philosophy which is resumed in “Music is the beat of my heart and sound of my breath”.

With this in mind, he continues to move forward, especially participating in the production processes of his recordings.