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Five for Miss Windward Queen Pageant

Five for Miss Windward Queen Pageant

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Five contestants are vying for the title of Miss Carnival Queen 2K5 at a show scheduled for the Visions night club in Byera. The contestants in the June 10 event are: Shanika Shallow, 14-Miss Georgetown, Kenisha Byron, 17 -Miss Overland, Reon Roberts, 16 -Miss Byera, Renisha Yorke, 17-Miss Orange Hill and Zorina Roban,16 -Miss Byera Hill.Promoter Melrose Jackson noted that since many of the carnival events occur in Kingstown she aims to give residents a chance to enjoy themselves without venturing into the capital. She also noted that young ladies need to know how they can improve their looks and develop their inner qualities. {{more}} “Simple things like how they can wear clothes to compliment their shape can make a big difference. When they look good and know it they also express that confidence,” she said.

Jackson recognizes the importance of training the young ladies in her community to carry themselves well. “I believe that they could improve their personalities and learn how to conduct themselves at different social functions. They have to look good and behave well also,” she said. This is the third year that this show is being organized.