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In Memoriam – Agassi Maurizio Fraser

In Memoriam – Agassi Maurizio Fraser

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In loving memory of

Agassi Maurizio Fraser

who passed away on the 8th October, 2009.

Each time it gets harder it settles in more and awaken emotions.
Each time it become difficult to understand to feel to accept.
As days go by especially now when the world seems to
be uncertain
Your comforting smile is needed to reassure us of love of pure happiness
To let us know with your laughter that no matter what everything would
be alright
But for now imagination is what has been working overtime, help us to cope with it all.

It wouldn’t never get easy and wishing we would forget it all wishing it isn’t true
Becomes a wish that pains deep as your memory plays over and over in our hearts
Each time it hurts, hurts because we can’t physically hold you
To tell you just how much we miss you and love you
Just to tell you how much you mean to us.

Continue smiling down on us
our son, our brother, our love, our friend our everything.

Sadly missed by mother, father, sister, brothers, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandfather other relatives and friends.
May you continue to rest peacefully in God’s hands.
Know that we will never forget you.