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My dad cheated on my mom, I’m so devastated !

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Hey Rosie,

My dad cheated on my mom a long time ago and I am just finding out.  I’m so devastated !  Rosie this was well over 10 years ago when we were in high school, mom handled her business and forgave him.  I’ve always been a daddy’s girl so to hear that he did this I can’t forgive him.  He doesn’t know that I found out, but he wants to know why I’ve been avoiding him .  What should I do, I may say something that I shouldn’t .  Help me! I am not ready to face him



I can understand your anger and anxiety.  The man who you held in such high esteem has disappointed you in a huge way. The trick is how do you move on?

Look, I know the shock of it all is still fresh, but you must also take into consideration that your mom has handled it and moved on.  So much so that you had no idea that this fiasco happened 10 years ago.  You are now an adult and even though he’s your father, you may have to respect your parent’s space/truce and bite your tongue.  Truthfully It is not your fight.

If it is eating you up, go and speak to a therapist about your feelings because at the end of the day your father sounds like he was a wonderful influence in your life. I hope this is something that you can get past in a timely fashion and realise that all families have secrets .  It’s how we choose to deal with them dictates our survival .  

Remember forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself.


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