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My friends think I’m too young to get married

My friends think I’m too young to get married

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Hi rosie

the advice u give every week is wonderful.

Well I have a little problem of my own. I just turn twenty in december an my fiancé propose to me on my birthday it was one of the best days I had ever had. Now the thing is my friends think I’m to young to get married I have tried to tell them me being engage does mean I’m getting marry tomorrow. The thing is rosie I have been with my fiancé since I was 17 and we have a 1year baby and he don’t want our child to grow up with his father one way and I the other. Rosie I really need ur advice on this

Hello my friend, 

Sometimes I go by instinct when answering some of my letters and you are one of them.  You come off as very poised, focused and mature for your age.  So my answer is a little different than normal.

 I am going to encourage you along your ultimate path to marrying your child’s father.  I just have a few questions for you:

Does your fiancé treat you respectfully?  No hitting, mind games, cheating ?

Is he and can he take care of you and the baby financially?

Are you both willing to seek intensive pre-marital counseling ?  

Are both sides of the family supportive, but not meddlesome in order to make your relationship survive and flourish?

Finally do you both have the same faith and moral base to build a strong foundation?

If you answered yes to ALL the above mentioned question, I think you have a fighting chance to survive and have a successful marriage.  Do not be mistaken, I would like to see both of you pursue your education, careers and other aspirations.

But you’ve started young, there’s a young one and call it a “vibe”, I think you guys  can do this.  But there’s a lot of work that lays ahead of you both. I truly wish you the best .