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Why can’t I meet a good guy?

Why can’t I meet a good guy?

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Hey Rosie,

I’m so frustrated with my love life! I’m going to be 40 soon, I’m single with a teenaged daughter and a great career. I’m also an attractive women who has no problem meeting men. But it’s always the wrong guy! It’s either the married man, the bad boy, the deep thinker who doesn’t want to commit and the list goes on. Then I end up being their therapist or sometimes I feel like their mother. What am I doing wrong? It never fails and I’m so done with it! Help me please I need to get it together.

Fresh Start

Dear Fresh Start,

It’s you. Not them, but you. Once you take ownership of this fact that you are the common denominator with these different guys things should start changing in your life.

Stop trying to “fix them”, change them or more. So run when you realize that there is something oh so familiar about them when you meet for the first time. Believe me there is a familiarity to these men in your life and you should be picking up the signals.

I am trying to encourage you to become a true observer in regards to the people you attract. Ask yourself first is this person worth my time? Then when you are talking to them ask them direct questions about what do they want for the future?

Do they want a long term relationship that will eventually lead to marriage? Do you have a wife? I would just lay your cards on the table and start listening to what is said and un said! Look at their body language as well.

At forty, protect yourself and don’t waste your time with game players. The minute you decide that you are not in this for the nonsense things do start to change.

Good luck my friend, it all lies with you.