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My teenage son may have gotten a girl pregnant!

My teenage son may have  gotten a girl pregnant!

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Hey Rosie,

I just found out that my 16-year-old son may have gotten a girl pregnant! Rosie, I’m freaking out! The girl’s mother wants to meet my husband and I to talk.  Rosie, talk about what?  I don’t know if this is my son’s kid.  I keep crying because I feel as though he’s thrown away his future. How do I deal with this mess?  They weren’t even dating, just friends with benefits. I’m so upset!

Help me

Dear Help me,

I truly feel your pain! I know you feel that the wind was taken out of your sails, but take a couple deep breaths – it will all work out in the long run.  Trust me.

Yes, he’s very young and really shouldn’t be dealing with this potential fact, but he is.  This is one of these life lessons that your son has to face.  Unfortunately when our kids enter into adult like activities and they themselves are still minors we have to stand in the gap to help them quickly come to terms with what they may have to deal with.  

In terms of the young lady’s mother, you are going to have to be empathetic.  She is as upset and disappointed like you, but at this stage you are going to have to be as calm as you can be while dealing with how you BOTH can support these young people through this pregnancy.

Now when the baby arrives then the issue of DNA can be dealt with. Again kindness, patience and empathy will see you all through a lot of this turmoil.  Plus it will help set a stellar example to these confused young people who are looking for much needed guidance.s
Good luck,


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