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My boyfriend’s sister is putting her nose into our business

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Hey Rosie,

So my boyfriend’s sister is putting her nose into our business. She wants to tell us what we should do, what she thinks we are doing wrong, how we can fix our problems etc. Meanwhile no one asked her! She is 3 years younger than us, suffers from anxiety and is having problems with her relationship! How can I tell her to back off ! I also don’t want to hurt my boyfriend’s feelings, but he is frustrated with her as well .

Sick and Tired

Dear Sick and Tired,

Wow this would annoy me as well. You will have to walk a delicate balance not to offend your boyfriend, yet get the message across to his sister that she needs to mind her business .

I think this has to be done by him, it’s his sister. Both of you need to be on the same page as to what you are willing to put up with from her and other outsiders. Then he needs to talk to her about respecting your boundaries and relationship.

Now, if she steps out of line when you are having a one to one. You should state firmly that you would like her not to interfere in your relationship. Explain to her that you like her, but there is a line that she shouldn’t cross.  

Some people just need to be reminded which lane they should remain in every now and again Good luck !


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