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My heart is in pieces

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Dear Rosie,

I am a beautiful intelligent young lady and my heart is in pieces. Before now, I used to have up a block around my heart and I never allowed anyone in. Until one day, I met a guy, and gradually I broke down that wall, as I fell in love with him. Rosie, we have had our downs, but decided we were going to make us work, and Rosie, you would imagine the number of hurdles that came our way.{{more}}

Our biggest problem started when a “friend” of his turned up. In all our times talking, he never mentioned her, and Rosie, we told each other anything. I noticed that from the time she got here, he started acting distant, but he claimed that they’re just friends, so I dropped it.

But his behaviour began to get suspicious to the point where he began pulling away.

The young lady returned and things went back to normal. Now, everytime this girl is here, he ignores me and behaves like I’m non-existent in his life. Now comes the issue with his ex. Rosie he is telling me that nothing is going on with either of the girls, yet I know for a fact that he is hooking up with them online. He tells me that they’re just friends and that they’re the ones pushing it; then he tells the girls that he doesn’t want me or that I’m the one pushing.

Rosie, I love this guy and I feel he loves me too, but all he’s been doing is hurting my feelings and break my heart all over again. I am confused because I know I don’t deserve the treatment, but I don’t want to hurt him by getting him out my life. Please advise as to what to do and how to reduce the hurt.

Shattered and Confused

Dear Shattered and Confused,

Girl I am sorry that this relationship didn’t pan out to be what you hoped, but thank the Lord you can walk away. Yes, you can! You have nothing like a child, marriage, a house etc binding you to this guy. Someone said to me yesterday in a conversation, “When someone shows you who they REALLY are, believe them!” That is the truth, my friend.

Look, I know it took a lot out of you to trust someone and let them in; however, that is what we do in life and this is to take chances. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but in order to find the right situation for us we will have to put our emotions on the line now and then. However, you also have to use your smarts as well; if your antenna goes up and your stomach says something isn’t right, then believe it. Your instincts will never lead you wrong.

So, as your Boo continues to play around as if he isn’t seeing these girls, it’s up to YOU to decide what is your next move? Are you going to sit there, get depressed and hope that he stops? Are you going to crawl back into your shell and say all men are pigs and I can’t trust again? Or are you going to stand up, bid lover boy farewell and know that you are worth much more than you are getting and continue to enjoy what this good life has to offer? Well I know which one you should pick; how about you?

Love yourself because I’m sending much love and strength to you. Never sell yourself short in this life, only you can know your true self-worth.


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