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Betrayed by my best friend

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Hey Rosie,

I have been reading your articles, and I think you give good advice. I have a bit of a problem. I am twenty-years-old and going to college. My best freind, whom I love more than anything else, has betrayed me. Rosie, I left her with my boyfrend for just some minutes, and in that minute, she already exchanged digits with him. Now I see him calling her. I searched his phone, and the time on the phone was hours, Rosie. I asked him and he told me it is nothing to worry about.{{more}}

Rosie, he took even took her for lunch. I heard her telling him that she likes his company and they should get to know each other. She is even bad talking me and then she would tell me she spoke to my boyfriend and he says he really loves me and what not. Rosie, we have been frends for so long. I love my boyfrend and I don’t want to lose my friend. What should I do?


Dear Hurt,

I’m here to tell you today to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! Look, this is so hurtful to be betrayed like this and I am with you there. However, I am not feeling your boyfriend and your so called girlfriend! Let me tell you something, my young friend, a TRUE friend would not even consider trying to “get” with your man, and that’s what she’s trying to do, and that is a big no, no.

Of course, I’m also going to let you know that you are too young for all of this love triangle nonsense. In addition to the fact that if your boyfriend can get away with seeing both of you, he more than likely will try. So then it comes down to you and what are you going to do? Personally I would let both of them know in no uncertain terms that you are not happy with this telephoning, lunching and possibly seeing one another behind your back. That’s of course if you still want to salvage these relationships.

However, you should think for a long while if they are worth your time. Let me say this: some people are with us for a lifetime, some are for the moment and some shouldn’t be there period! Which ones are these two? Here’s hoping that you make the right decision for you. Be strong, this too shall pass.


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