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Help! I’m still in love with my ex

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Dear Rosie,

I am still unconditionally love sick about my ex. At the time we met, I wasn’t looking for love, but he found me. We met through friends one day at Peace Mo. My first words to my friend when I saw him was “Ohhh, Suki, Suki, he is cute!” But for some reason when he spoke to me, I answered and walked off.{{more}}

The second time we met, I was a little upset, but he made me completely forget about my situation. Despite the fact that this was my second day knowing him, we talked about everything on the football field next to Peace Mo. Rain started falling, so we decided to go underneath Peace Mo to shelter from the rain. This is where he kissed me unexpectedly, and from there, we shared numbers.

The next day was a holiday, but we spoke for almost the whole night. He asked if I was in a relationship, and I said “No, the only relationship I need is me and my Chris Brown (famous singer)”, and then he said, “Let me be your Chris Brown”. This touched me. He is everything I want in a guy: cute, funny, great hair, great personality, and he is also willing to fight for me. But several things broke us up. First, my personality. Although he loves me, he would sometimes find that I was clingy. Sometimes I was bitchy (don’t mind my language) or sometimes rude or sometimes a train wreck, and I’m guessing he had enough and left. I had stopped speaking to him after that, but he would still speak to me and offer me stuff and make a joke. When I was away in the summer, every day he saw my friend he would ask for me and how I was doing. I added him on MSN but he was shocked and asked how come? I want him back. What do I do? What do I say?

Would he still love me?

Dear Would he still love me?

You are something else! Not in a bad way, but your energy is all over the place! I can tell from your letter that you are a fun loving, creative and a high-energy person who loves life.

I think that your highs and lows of emotions may have been a little much for this very nice guy, it seems. I do think that he still likes you and is possibly still very much interested. However, with you, he doesn’t know if he is coming or going!

As your boy Chris Brown said :

“I think I’ll say yo. I don’t know your name but excuse me miss, I saw you from across the room. And I got to admit that you got my attention. You’re making wanting to say yo.”

This may have gone through his mind when he first saw and met you. However, due to your mood swings, admitted game playing and bad attitude, he got many mixed signals from you. If you want to have a relationship or even a friendship with this young man who seems to be very decent, I suggest the following:

  • Work on you first. Attitude, clinging behavior etc. No more games.
  •  Treat him with respect, pretty much how you would wish to be treated.
  •  Be friends first, build a loyal friendship first, then see where things progress from there. Finally, keep your personality in the mix (this is what attracted him to you, it seems), but be the decent person you know you can be. No more games, please!

I really do wish you all the best. Think before you talk and act. This is where you may get into trouble sometimes. Be good, OK?


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