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I am in love with my friend’s girl

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Hey Rosie,

I am 19 years old, and sad to say, I am single. However, I am in love with my best friend’s girl. I think we were meant to be. I love her and she loves me, but he is my friend, and I do not want our friendship to break up over a girl. My friend on the other hand behaves as if he doesn’t care about what goes on with their relationship.{{more}} The other reason why I don`t want to start some thing with her is because of what people would say. I am telling you Rosie, I love her bad, bad, bad. I wish you could help me.


Dear Confused,

I am sorry to hear that this dilemma is making you sad. However, I will let you know you are a very decent young man at heart. The fact that you have a conscience at 19 and know the difference between right and wrong is great! Some adults to their dying day still grapple with doing the right thing, so I commend you for knowing the difference.

Ok, now let me answer your question. You are going to have to let this one go. Run! First of all it is your boy’s girl. Secondly she is taken. Finally it isn’t the right thing to do. Now I know you said that your friend seems not to care about his girl. However, as soon as you step into the picture to try to take her…the battle will be on!

Forget what other people would say. Your friend would want to confront you and he would feel very betrayed by you. Their relationship has many issues and it has to end on their terms, not by a third party (you). So no matter how much you love her and maybe she may feels the same, stay away from this situation please.

Most of the time when the dust settles and we calm our racing hearts down from the “love fest” in our minds, we would come to realize that this situation wasn’t the best thing for us. Don’t become one of those people who forced themselves into a relationship, thought that they had won a prize, but quickly realized that they are truly the loser in this game. Your own girl is around the corner. Be patient and you will be rewarded.


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