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Questelles Beach Keepers spread Christmas Cheer

Questelles Beach Keepers spread Christmas Cheer
Four friends pose with ice cream and painted faces as the party draws to a close

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by Katherine Renton

The second annual Questelles Beach Keepers Children’s’ Christmas Party seemed to be a big hit with the mini partygoers last Saturday.

Questelles Beach Keepers spread Christmas Cheer
Rupert ‘Mully’ Mulzac (left), Director of the Questelles Beach Keepers, and Pastor Vincent Sobers of the Trinity Apostolic Church

The party, hosted by non-profit organization Questelles’ Beach Keepers, had a slight change in location this year.

In light of the undergoing construction of a bathroom at the beach, where the party was held last year, the Trinity Apostolic Church, its Pastor, Vincent Sobers, and other members, lent the church as a location for the festivities.

Christmas themed face painting by Brenda Veira, and jumping in the bouncing castle were fully underway when SEARCHLIGHT arrived on the scene on the afternoon of December 19.

Rupert ‘Mully’ Mulzac is at the helm of the non-profit, and his wife, Madge Mulzac has always been integral in the organization of the party. She is joined by the other Keepers, and they seem to have a membership that remains consistent.

Madge and the other women had organized many games for the four to eleven year olds to participate and win prizes in.

Questelles Beach Keepers spread Christmas Cheer
Brenda Veira doing Christmas themed face painting on a little girl while others line up and await their turn

Because of the constantly changing modes of fun around them, the children did not seem to be getting bored.

They were also given a good meal, and snacks such as popcorn and ice cream. Presents and giftbags were also organized.

Even small details were thought of, as all the children were given either Christmas headbands or ties.
Rupert informed that arrangements were made for 70 children, and there was food for 100.

One mother of five, Tamique Young, said that she came the first year that they had the get-together, and that it was nice.

She opined that this year’s party was better than last year’s.

“They have a lot of fun, the children enjoying themselves,” she said, adding, “I watching them having fun. Them make me enjoy myself as well.”

Young said that the idea of a Children’s Christmas Party was “very wonderful”.

“…Because this is the only thing they have down here. Otherwise than that, we ain have nothing else round here,” explained the lifelong Questelles resident.

Questelles Beach Keepers spread Christmas Cheer
Madge Mulzac and some of the children watch as a boy bounces the new light up ball that he had just won during their game

“I find it nice, and them should keep it up. Yeah very nice and wonderful,” she emphasized.

The non-profit organization has been helped in this initiative by a number of supporters, including lawyer Joseph Delves, and We FM 99.9, a radio station that has its base in Questelles.

“Joe Delves the lawyer, he was very instrumental in helping us to raise funds and he helped us tremendously. He’s a member of our organization. He’s not even part of the village but he helped us, because he understood what we’re trying to do and it’s not a village thing per se it’s really a nation building thing,” Mulzac indicated. He said that WE FM gives them a voice.

Pastor Sobers disclosed that the church became involved because “it’s our love for the community, and we want to give back, to contribute to the community.”

“…Therefore you look for ways and means in which you can give to the community, not only the children, but the elderly persons as well, and so we see ourselves as playing this role to make sure that we make the children feel happy and comfortable,” he concluded.

The Keepers will also be donating gift baskets to 14 elderlies in the community, to be distributed today, December 23.

The Questelles Beach Keepers is an organization that was first birthed from the efforts of the community to keep the beach clean, and restore the old well that was used as a garbage bin by some beachgoers. They also fought against the sand mining at their beach. The bathroom under construction is another addition that they were keen to build for the area.