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Vincentians express outrage over rape of six-year-old girl

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Over the weekend, several Vincentians used social media to call for vigilante justice in relation to the rape of a six-year-old girl.

On Saturday morning, residents of a community on the Leeward side of St Vincent awoke to the news that sometime during the night of September 29, a child was taken from her home and transported to another part of the community, where she was raped and left to walk back to her home.

The child’s guardians found the child bleeding uncontrollably the morning after the barbaric act and rushed her to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), where medical personnel confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted.

The child had to be rushed into surgery and is currently in a stable condition, but is said to be traumatized.  

Social media was abuzz with the story over the weekend, with persons expressing outrage in numerous posts, some of which called for the rapist, if caught, to thrown to the masses.

Social media personality Asberth Williams wrote, “This need a posse of men to look for he…No police.” He added that it was unfair that a man who had committed such a heinous act should be sent to prison to be fed by the taxpayers’ dollars.

“The rape Friday night is the worse crime ever commit in SVG. No murder can beat that,” Williams wrote.

Facebook user Nzinga Sergeant commented in anger, “Rape wuss than murder!!! Wuss wuss wuss! Some people deserve death!! How de m**** a**** you rape a baby?? You killed her spirit!! Murdered it with every thrust of your depraved act! You ah dog! #HangingTree.”

Another Facebook user, going by the name Marcia Deane Clarke, commented, “I swear on everything he would have been a dead man. Police would have to find he before me.”

Several persons also suggested colourful and creative ways in which the attacker should be killed, posts that pointed to the horror felt by persons about the brutal act.

But a number of persons also expressed concern that the rapist was able to remove the child from her home without an adult realizing that she was missing.

Police are investigating the incident, but up to press time did not have a suspect in custody.(LC)