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New Attorney-General Jaundy Martin sworn in

New Attorney-General Jaundy Martin sworn in

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Taking up the mantle as this country’s Attorney General (AG) is something that Jaundy Martin never aspired to.

“…But in the legal profession and as a person of service in this country, anything is possible,” Martin told those gathered at the House of Assembly chamber on Monday.

He was speaking after taking the oath of allegiance, oath of office and the oath of secrecy that allowed him to officially take up duties as AG, replacing Judith Jones-Morgan, who has retired.

The Judicial and Legal Services Commission, in accordance with section 80 of the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Constitution Order, approved the appointment of Martin as AG of SVG, effective September 18.

Stating that he was “overwhelmed” by the occasion, Martin said he will do his best to carry out the duties of the AG, as he is deeply honoured by the faith and confidence that the Government and people of SVG have bestowed in him.

He said that it is through the office of Attorney-General and many other offices that the country can progress and in that regard the office transcends him as an individual.

“The office itself has to be respected, the duties of the office have to be performed and I consider myself to having been called to perform national service in this regard,” Martin told the gathering.

He said the office is a huge responsibility with many challenges and although he has his concerns and forebodings, he has resolved himself to face the challenges and do the best he can for the country.

“I know that I have a high standard to live up to in the person of the former Attorney-General Jones-Morgan,” Martin commented, asking God to give him the strength to perform his duties.

The Mesopotamia born man said that he is from very humble origins and the fact that he has been chosen by the country and Government to function in the office of Attorney-General is demonstrative to other young persons, who are aspiring in myriad careers, that the sky is the limit.

He said that he understands that he is no longer simply Jaundy Martin, but he is now Jaundy Martin, Attorney-General, representing SVG.

“…In every single thing I do, in all my actions henceforth, I will be representing St Vincent and the Grenadines, so my individual characteristics will have to comply with the requirements of the office,” said Martin to laughter.

In her remarks, Jones-Morgan said that she has known Martin for quite some time and she has every confidence that the officers of the AG’s chambers will fully support him, as they supported her.

She described Martin as a “quiet, friendly, warm, compassionate and loving” man with integrity, who has satisfied all the legal requirements to hold the AG’s office.

Martin, who was called to the bar 19 years ago, began his legal career in 1998 as a Crown Counsel; in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. He was promoted to the post of Senior Crown Counsel, then in 2004, he resigned from the public service and went into private practice, with emphasis on civil litigation, child and family law, personal injury law, land law, commercial law and maritime law.

He was a court appointed mediator for the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and a former executive member of the SVG Bar Association.

The swearing in ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams, the acting Governor General’s deputy Victor Job and several Government ministers, high-ranking police officers and members of the legal fraternity, including president of the Bar Association René Baptiste.

The acting Governor General’s deputy told Martin that he has been entrusted with the onerous responsibilities of a high office, which will require mental, emotional and physical energy, along with commitment.

“I am convinced that you are equipped for the task. Your training as a lawyer and many years of work experience along with love of country, devotion to duty and the support from colleagues in the legal profession and your endearing personality will stand you in good stead and help you fulfil your duties,” said Job.