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Unity Labour Party thousands march on Kingstown

Unity Labour Party thousands march on Kingstown

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The call that many die hard Unity Labour Party (ULP) supporters had been patiently awaiting was sounded on the streets of Kingstown yesterday afternoon and immediately transformed Bay and Back Streets into a sea of red.{{more}}

Armed with banners, placards and flags, ULP supporters marched in solidarity with their political leader and Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

The activity came on the heels of a large rally on Sunday at Rabacca, to celebrate the ULP’s 10th year in office.

Many ULP supporters were anxiously awaiting this day, especially as the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) had already staged three protests.

Now, it was the time for the supporters of the ULP to show their mettle.

Many supporters sang and danced; others opted to stand on the sidelines and quietly show their support.

Gonsalves, flanked by his wife Eloise and with the aid of a walking cane, joined the many supporters to march in solidarity through the streets of Kingstown.

The gathering eventually made its way around the town, ending up at Heritage Square, where as soon as the supporters streamed in, the sound system came alive and the party began.

Gonsalves used the opportunity to laud the large gathering for adhering to the rules.

“We have seen something in Kingstown, something we have never seen before,” Gonsalves told ULP supporters at Heritage Square.

“We were orderly, we were peaceful,” he continued.

“You can’t build a nation on bad-boyism.You can’t build a nation on ill-discipline,” he said.

It takes respect, order and hard work to lead, Gonsalves contended.