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Commissioner refutes allegations that he broke into neighbour’s house

Commissioner refutes allegations that he broke into neighbour’s house

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Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has strongly refuted allegations that he broke into the home of one of his neighbours earlier this week and tried to strangle him.{{more}}

The man making the allegation, who said he resides at Brighton close to Miller’s home, told SEARCHLIGHT that on Tuesday, March 1, at about 3:00 a.m., he was awakened by a loud bang on his door.

“All me hear is whadam!” the man, who prefers to remain anonymous, said.

He said his front door was “blasted open” and a man he recognised as the Commissioner of Police and another man entered his home, while a third man remained outside.

He alleges that Miller then began to choke him, asking: “Whey you go up ah me place for?”

The resident claimed that he repeatedly replied, “Me nah go up in your place.”

He added that the men, who had flashlights, searched his home. He added that one inquired about a pick and a saw that was found; he identified the items as his own. He told SEARCHLIGHT that the pick was rusty and that the saw which was new was bought a week ago.

The man contended that he is sure it was Miller who entered his home and tried to strangle him that morning, as he knows him well.

He added that he is a calm person who does not like trouble and respects everyone he comes into contact with.

However, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, although Miller confirmed going to the man’s house, he denied breaking in and assaulting the man.

Miller said that at about 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, someone used an implement to pry out one of the doors of his house from its frame, and enter his premises.

Thankfully, when the lights were turned on, the person ran out of the house, Miller disclosed. He said nothing was taken and no one was harmed.

Miller, who said he was not at home at the time of the break-in, said when got to the scene, he immediately went to the home of his neighbour because of the man’s history.

He said the man had been arrested for stealing in the area and had even been questioned by police for being on Miller’s premises some time in the past, when he (Miller) was overseas. Another neighbour, Miller said, had seen the man peeping though her window one night.

“Because of his history, he is the person I approached,” the Commissioner said.

“I went to his house, yes. I have to do investigations, aint’ it?”

Miller, however, denied breaking down the man’s door.

When asked how then did he gain entry to the man’s house, Miller said, “He lives in a shack; his house is hardly closed as far as I am concerned.”

He also denied choking the man.

“I didn’t choke him. Have you seen impressions on his neck?” he asked.

Miller said while in the man’s house, he questioned him about the break in and told him that he will do further investigations, and if required, he would “send the police for him to do their additional investigations.”

Miller noted that he found it strange that the man who claimed to have been sleeping all night appeared fresh and alert when he went to his house.

“No sleepy face,” the Commissioner said.

The Commissioner, however, cautioned there is nothing to applaud about the Commissioner’s house being burglarised.

“It can happen to anyone,” he said.

He said that he practises what he preaches in terms of recommended security measures in homes, and gave details of some of the protective measures employed at his residence.

Miller said that the man whose home he visited has permission to work the land on which he lives, and it is he (Miller) who had recommended the man to the owner of the land. Miller even disclosed that it is he who had given the man much of the material used to construct the dwelling place.

However, because of recent events, Miller no longer wants the man as his neighbour.

“Because of his history, I told the owner of the land I don’t want him ‘round there.”

The Brighton resident told SEARCHLIGHT that he has reported the alleged break-in of his home and assault to the police, while Miller said the break-in of his home is still under investigation.