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Youth stabbed to death – teenage girl taken into custody

Youth stabbed to death – teenage girl taken into custody

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The peaceful atmosphere of Clifton, Union Island was disrupted last Thursday evening, when Gerrard Acquah, a resident of that Grenadine isle, lost his life tragically during an altercation with the mother of his two-month-old son.{{more}}

Twenty-one-year-old Acquah, the great grandson of hotelier King Mitchell, was involved in an argument with 18-year-old Kianna Sam, which escalated into a skirmish, shortly after 7 p.m.

The situation turned ugly, when the young man was stabbed in the neck with a knife.

Sam and Acquah were both at a sporting event at Clifton that day, but it is said that they were not there together.

Due to conflicting reports, it is unclear whether Acquah, who resided at Clifton, and Sam, a resident of Ashton, Union Island, were involved in a relationship at the time of his death. While Acquah’s relatives contend that he was involved in an on-and-off relationship with Sam, the young woman’s aunt, Paula Exeter of Ashton, told SEARCHLIGHT as far as she is aware, the couple’s relationship had ended since last June, when Sam was baptized and became a Seventh Day Adventist.

Canadian-born Acquah reportedly drove himself to the nearby Health Centre, awash in blood, where moments later, he succumbed to his injury.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the island on Friday, February 18, a sombre mood hovered over Clifton.

Relatives, as well as other persons who knew Acquah, described him as being “hasty” and “bad tempered”, but expressed that they were willing to look past his shortcomings “because he could not keep enemies”. They also described Sam as having a stubborn personality. The constant flaring of tempers, the residents explained, often resulted in several nasty fights between the couple.

Adella James, Acquah’s grandmother, told SEARCHLIGHT that despite his personality, he was her favourite grandson.

She recalled that another grandson broke the news to her, but did not tell her the extent of Acquah’s injury.

James said when she arrived at the Health Centre, she asked a cleaner if her grandson’s condition was serious. She said the man responded: “ ‘More than serious’. From the time he told me that, I said Lord this is death.”

“I did not go further, because the way I was feeling I would have break down more,” said James.

Fighting back tears, James said: “I love him with all my heart and no matter what he do, I always there for him and he always there for me.

“He will get on with his hastiness, but he will still come back the child that we know, that we love. I always love him and I will always love him. Even though he died, I love him still. I love him, I really love that child and nobody cannot take that love from me, because he was nice to me,” said James.

Asantha Alexander, Acquah’s cousin, said she is saddened by the situation. She said she was at home at Ashton, when she received the news.

Sharing her views on Acquah and Sam’s relationship, Alexander said the couple, when they resided at Ashton, was challenged by “major domestic disturbances”.

“He still go back. He don’t give up, she don’t give up. They’re very young,” said Alexander.

On Thursday, Sam was taken into custody, shortly after 10 p.m., to assist the police with their investigations.