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Top academic performers receive national awards

Top academic performers receive national awards

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The smiles of several of the nation’s top academic performers shone brightly on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, when they collected their awards and certificates at a national awards ceremony.{{more}}

The brief awards ceremony coincided with the Ministry of Education’s annual Schools’ Independence Rally, held in collaboration with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and the National Independence Committee. The rally was held at the Victoria Park.

The awards segment of the show included the presentation of an NCF award to Grace Peters-Clarke, a teacher at the Girls’ High School, for her outstanding contribution to the development of Culture and Arts in Education.

On Monday, October 25, Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel announced the names of eighteen students who had been awarded scholarships, exhibitions and bursaries, based on their performance in the May/June 2010 Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level and Caribbean Examinations Council CAPE Examinations.

At Tuesday’s ceremony, SEARCHLIGHT spoke with some of the awardees about their performance. A few were satisfied; while others thought that they could have pushed themselves further to attain a higher grade.

Jacinth Browne, daughter of Hannah and Frederick Browne, a National Scholarship recipient, was just one student who shared this sentiment. She received grade A for Psychology, grade one for Communication Studies, grade 2 and 1 for Literature in English units 1 and 2 respectively, a Grade 2 and 3 in French for units one and two respectively and in Spanish, a grade 3 and 2 for units one and two, respectively.

Browne shared that she felt that she could have done better in Literature, adding that the subject is more difficult than persons perceived it to be, as it requires you to have a wide knowledge base.

Recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award, Shanelle Clarke, who also received a gold medal with her awards, expressed that she felt ‘ecstatic’ about her achievements. She received a grade A in both Chemistry and Physics, grade ones with A profiles in Mathematics units one and two, Grade ones in Computer Science units one and two and a grade two for Communication Studies. She has not yet decided on an institution where she will further her goal of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer.

Another national scholarship recipient felt that he, too, could have done better. Omar Malcolm is a resident of Dorsetshire Hill and the son of Mitra and Dularie Malcolm. He attained grade B in Physics, a grade one in Maths units one and two, a grade one and two in Computer Sciences unit one and two, respectively, and a grade two for Communication Studies.

Malcolm admitted that he knew he did not do enough preparation for the exams, adding that he did not expect to do as well as he did. Malcolm, who will explore the field of engineering, is still uncertain where he will pursue further education.

Jenielle, Dennie, however, is deciding between an educational institution either in the United States of America or at the University of the West Indies. The resident of Calder Ridge has ambitions of becoming either a physician or a pharmacist. The daughter of Grace and Cosmore Dennie, Jenielle scored a grade A’s in both Chemistry and Biology, grade one and two in Maths unit one and two, respectively, and a grade two for Communication Studies. Dennie currently works as a teacher at the Girls’ High School.

Javil Parris, whose performance was ranked second to Shanelle Clarke, and who has also been awarded a national scholarship, was not present at the ceremony. His mother, who accepted the award on his behalf, expressed how proud she is of her son.

Parris scored grade two in Communication Studies; Computer Science Unit 1- Grade 2; Computer Science Unit 2- Grade 1; Mathematics Unit 1- Grade 2; Mathematics Unit 2- Grade 1; Physics – B; Psychology – A.

Ezron John is the seventh national scholarship awardee. He was not present at Tueday’s ceremony.

The National Exhibition recipients have aspirations of becoming a United Nations (UN) delegate, accountant and lawyer. Arnos Vale resident Cassica Hutchins, who is the daughter of Kiprene Grant and Casper Hutchins, confidently expressed her desire to work with the UN, as she believes that she can have a positive impact on persons through the organization. She intends to continue her education at the UWI Mona Campus, majoring in International Relations, with a minor in French or political science. Hutchins secured a grade B in Law, grades 2 in Sociology units one and two, grade two and three in Literatures in English units one and two repectively and a grade three in Communication Studies.

Calisia Glasgow, of Georgetown, the daughter of Sharon Glasgow, hopes to become an accountant. She will continue studies at the UWI Cave Hill Campus majoring in Accounting and Business Management. Glasgow attained a grade A in Business studies, a Grade B in Accounting, Grade C in Economics and Grade 2 in Communication Studies.

Amanda Defrietas, daughter of Sienna and Cecil Defrietas, and national exhibition recipient, explained that she is not sure where she will further her studies, but hopes to pursue either Law or Psychology. She attained grades A and B in Psychology and Law respectively, a grade one for Communication Studies and grades 3 and 2 in Spanish units one and two, respectively.

Jai-Len Williams and Shanice Thompson, also exhibition winners, were not present.

The other scholarship recipients, who were absent from the ceremony, were represented by family members who accepted their awards on the students’ behalf.

Also accepting awards at the ceremony were Science Scholarship recipients Rhonelle Buntyn and Asfo Stephens Jr. Dr Sherrian Slater accepted a Science Scholarship award on behalf of her daughter Sherina Slater.

Bursary recipients Kaneesha Da Silva, Stacy Griffith and Jahnell Ryan also accepted their awards on Tuesday.