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Breadfruit Hollow residents want wall removed

Breadfruit Hollow residents want wall removed

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Some Dorsetshire Hill residents are irate over what they consider to be a selfish act by one of their neighbours.{{more}}

The issue of contention, according to the residents, is a building owned by Lynton Greaves, which was recently constructed on a piece of land which had been left vacant for a number of years.

The residents further contend that about three weeks ago, a wall was constructed on the property which now prevents vehicles going into the area from being able to turn.

This, the residents say, has proven to be a big inconvenience to those living in the area known as “Breadfruit Hollow”.

Juliet ‘Rosie’ Greaves says that she has been living in Breadfruit Hollow all her life.

She said that she has been feeling the squeeze as taxi drivers, and even the garbage truck have refused to go into the small community because of the new development.

“We want the wall knock down and we want back we turning space,” Greaves told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We have old people living in here, if the ambulance was to come in here, where is it going to turn?”

“What he want us to do, pick up we car and put it over our head?” she lamented.

“It is unfair to those of us living inside here,” Juliet Greaves continued.

“Ah cripple and ah cyah carry me grocery from out dey (the main road). De taxi dem say dem nah go in dey,” Sarah Greaves told SEARCHLIGHT.

The 74-year-old said that she has nothing against the owner of the property, but contends that the wall is a problem.

Leroy Bradshaw, another resident, said he had been told by the Planning Division that he needed to provide a space on his property to allow for vehicles to turn, but it was baffling to now find out that the same rule did not apply to all.

The residents also say that all efforts to stop any further construction proved futile.

Juliet Greaves said that complaints were made to the area representative, Mike Browne who then directed them to the Planning Division. However, even this failed, they said.

But the very construction has also raised a number of questions by the affected residents, including how Lynton Greaves got permission, and who gave him permission to build on the land.

When contacted by SEARCHLIGHT, Lynton Greaves declined to comment on the matter.(DD)