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Attorney General saved by the ‘Grace of God’

Attorney General saved by the ‘Grace of God’

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Attorney General Judith Jones Morgan is thanking God for escaping unharmed after two men broke into her home early Sunday morning.{{more}}

Morgan related her frightening experience as she presented her speech during the sitting of the opening of the Assizes on September 13, 2010.

Morgan said that around 3:45 on Sunday morning she was in her bedroom in her Calder home, when leaning over to turn on a lamp, she saw a figure crouched beside her bed, close to a chest of drawers.

She added that figure, which appeared to be that of a man, had his head wrapped with cloth like that of an Arabian man. Soon after, she noticed another man crouched beside the bed with him.

At first, Morgan said that she was not fully aware that it was an intruder in her home. “I couldn’t believe. My brain wasn’t telling me there was someone in the house…”. She then said, “What are you doing there?” to the man, which is when she noticed the other one next to him shift. That was when she realized that they were intruders.

“And that is when I screamed out: ‘What are you doing in this house? This is God’s house and I kept on saying it and he said ok, ok! I think he thought I was crazy because I kept saying…,” Morgan said.

She added that she referred to her house as God’s house after remembering a sermon preached on Saturday, which spoke about God’s temple and the church as being God’s house. Speaking to reporters, she said that at time, she was thinking, “What are you doing violating my sanctuary, my space..?”

She added that as she screamed loudly, one of the men held up his empty hand, but what appeared to be a piece of wood was in his other hand. At that time Morgan said that she shouted, “Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt my child,” who was with her in the room. She also shouted that there was no money in the house. Morgan added that they only recovered a $20 from the ‘church bag’ that she had upstairs.

“I couldn’t imagine that they could have been so brazen,” she said, as she continued to relate the incident to reporters outside the courtroom. She added that the men ran out through the bedroom door. Morgan’s husband, who was downstairs working at the time, was not harmed. He however told his wife afterwards that he had heard her screams from upstairs. Her other son was sleeping in another room and her husband’s uncle was also in the house asleep.

Morgan said that she believes that it was the grace of God that saved her and her family from being hurt and it was the prayers of others who have kept her. Morgan said that the incident was reported and is being investigated. (OS)