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Richland Park man leaves home, never seen again by family

Richland Park man leaves home, never seen again by family

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If Ashneil David had followed the advice of his friend, he might have been around today.

Instead, the 26-year-old remains missing two and a half months since heading for the hills.{{more}}

Rhonda Haynes (photo below), mother of the man affectionately known as ‘Sleepy’, believes that her son would have been at home, not only if had heeded the warning but also if she had known that he was planning to go away.

Haynes indicated that she did not realize her son had left the home that he shared with his sister in Richland Park until a few days after his January 16th departure.

“I went by his sister Asher and ask for him and she told me that he take a bag with a few pieces of clothes and went away.

“I got to understand that is somewhere in Duvalle (De Volet mountains) he went and gone.

“Me and Asher was home on the 15th of February when we got the call saying that he died on the 14th.”

Haynes explained that an individual who was in the hills with her son said that David left in a speed boat on Valentine’s Day with some other men, and they were pursued by the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard.

She added that she was told that the boat overturned and her son was the only person to lose his life.

He apparently drowned.

Haynes claimed that this same story- a story which she did not believe- was related to her by another man who claimed to have been on the ill-fated boat.

The mother of four said that she feels that a bad deal which had taken place some time before is the reason for her son going missing.

“I think they kill him in the bush,” she reasoned. “He and a guy from Richland Park were talking and the guy tell him don’t go but he still went. If the guy had tell him why not to go he would not go. He never tell him nothing.”

Haynes said that she had gone to the police in Mesopotamia to seek help in the matter, and her daughter Asher had spoken to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and they are still awaiting answers.

A call by Searchlight revealed that reports were indeed lodged, and that the matter was being investigated.

However, an official at the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard denied that any of their vessels were involved in any chase on February 14th, which resulted in any boats capsizing.

Haynes said that her son is missed by members of the Richland Park community, and she is hoping that whatever happened to her second child – her only boy – will be revealed.

“I am very concerned. I want to know where is my son.”