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Chateaubelair Christmas baby is 100

Chateaubelair Christmas baby is 100

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“Peace, perfect peace in this world of sin,” is the Christmas wish of Chateaubelair’s oldest resident, Amanda Edwards who will celebrate her 100th birthday on Christmas Day.{{more}}

Longevity runs in Amanda’s family. Her mother Margaret lived to 105; her older sibling Beatrice, who lives at Murray’s Village, is 102; her younger sisters Odessa and Rita are 95 and 90 years old respectively. Her brother Daman is 97 years old.

Amanda worked her whole life at the Land Settlement Estate at Richmond performing many different tasks. She has four children and many grand, great-grand and great-great-grand children. At present she lives with her son Mathias.

When asked how she feels to be 100, she replied, “I feel number one, number two, number three, number four and five”. She also said “Clean food to eat and clean water to drink makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Last year, SEARCHLIGHT was told that Amanda would have been 100 years old that year, so the staff decided to give her a food hamper. However, upon further investigation, it was realized that she wouldn’t be 100 until this year. It was however decided that she should still receive the hamper and SEARCHLIGHT’s youngest vendor Grantley Bramble Jr. made the presentation on behalf of the company.

For her 100th birthday, SEARCHLIGHT’s employees donated a black cake complete with icing and candles. Grantley Bramble Jr. again made the presentation.

On Saturday, December 20th, Amanda’s neighbours, friends and family members gathered in her yard at Coco Village to celebrate with her. Also attending was area representative Dr Jerrol Thompson who brought flowers and wine.

Thompson said that he thinks that it’s important to stress that all the residents of North Leeward and the entire nation wish Amanda the very best on her 100th birthday. Thompson also said that simple life, hard work and a good diet may have very well contributed to her longevity and that North Leeward is very proud of its centenarian.