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Montrose man shocked to death while wiring house

Montrose man shocked to death while wiring house

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Charmaine Samuel said that she was just about to achieve closure over the loss of her son Nichol, who went missing at sea and was presumed drowned eight years ago, while on a picnic at the Owia Salt Pond.{{more}}

“I was just trying to close that hole. Now he gone and that going to leave a wide, wide gap.”

Samuel was referring to her son Dennis, who died tragically on Friday, December 12th, when he was electrocuted while working on a partly finished dwelling house in Redemption Sharpes.

Dennis, 29 years old, lived at Dasent Cottage, Old Montrose, with his mother, also known as ‘Miss Joan’, and had been working at the Redemption Sharpes premises for the last two months.

On the day he met his death, he was not scheduled to work at the house.

At about 5:30pm, the former inspection officer at the Public Works Department was found in the bathroom of the house clutching a pair of pliers and electrical wires that he had been ‘pulling’ for the bath’s water heating system.

He was last seen entering the room about 15 minutes before he was discovered.

One resident of the ‘Trigger Ridge,’ Redemption Sharpes, neighbourhood recalled being summoned by the owner of the house where Samuel was working.

He told Searchlight that the homeowner indicated to him that something must have happened to the electrician.

“I just roll ‘pon the scene to see what was going on. I meet him in the bathroom fold up with the wires and pliers in his hand and barefoot.”

“I just ease way the wires and check his pulse and heart. I call the youth man who live there to call some other guys; one guy came and say ‘he dead’ and the lady start to bawl. I left the scene.”

An ambulance and the police were summoned to the area and Samuel was officially pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, Mother Samuel, though lamenting the loss of a second child, said that she is trying to remember the last of her four children the way he was when he was alive, loving, kind and passionate.

The mother claimed that Dennis had a very good relationship with everyone he came into contact with, a sentiment echoed by his friends and coworkers, who are trying to come to terms with his sudden passing.

In his spare time, the music enthusiast could be found working with the Dynamic Guys sound system and lighting crew.

He was an integral part in the lighting of the Victoria Park for Carnival and other functions, and was one of the persons responsible for the lighting of Heritage Square for the recent Vincy Homecoming and Christmas and Nine Mornings launches.

Dennis’s mother claims that she is not upset with anyone about the passing of her son, but she is unsure if the gap that has been widened by his passing would ever be filled.

“I don’t know how it happened, but I am satisfied with knowing that he died doing what he loved.”

Dennis’ funeral takes place this sunday at the Kingstown Church of Christ at Kingstown Park, he will be buried at the Kingstown cemetery.