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Who has $1/2 million lotto ticket?

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The person who purchased a Lotto ticket with numbers: 7-15-30-33-36 has until December 24 (Christmas Eve) to claim and collect their half-a-million-dollar prize.{{more}}

One of this country’s highest Lotto jackpots still remains unclaimed, five months and 12 days after its June 24th drawing.

The ticket, which was purchased at the North Leeward Tourism Association booth, in Chateaubelair, was purchased some time that Friday on the same day of the draw.

The winnings, if claimed, would represent one of the largest takings in the history of Lotto; the highest being a sum of $844,220, won by Sybil Alexander, of Paul’s Avenue, in 2000.

In previous times, prize winners were given 90 days to collect their winnings, but an amendment in the Lotteries Authority Act changed the grace period to 180 days (six months).

Marketing Manager of the NLA Anthony Dennie indicated that if the lucky winner does not turn up by the due date, the money will return to NLA where, he said, it would be used to fulfill the company’s commitment to sports and culture. (JJ)