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Police make breakthrough in Ottley Hall shooting

Police make breakthrough in Ottley Hall shooting

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An Ottley Hall teenager has been jointly charged with another youngster for the December 3rd murder of 22-year-old Shereen Clouden at Ottley Hall who was shot in her head and died on the side of the road that night.{{more}}

Last Monday, December 8, Atiba Bess, 16, and Kamal Moore, 21, appeared at the Serious Offences Court, where Chief Magistrate Sonya Young read out the charges.

The two also face charges of shooting Jomo Brudy, who was shot during the same incident that caused Clouden’s death.

Because the charges are indictable, they were not called upon to plea but were remanded until March 17, 2009, when the Preliminary Inquiry is set to begin.

Meanwhile, things got testy outside the courthouse as the saddened relatives of the accused men got an earful from Kenlyn Clouden, Shereen’s grieving mother.

Detectives escorted the young men outside only to realize that the police transport had left for a while. As they waited, relatives of the accused men wailed, a few even being allowed to hug the young men, who were handcuffed together.

This show of grief didn’t sit well with Kenlyn.

“What all yo bawling down the place for…all yo don’t have any dead. Is me who have ah dead,” she screamed.

“Why all yo bawling, is my child dead,” she said, as tears streamed down her face and friends had to lead her away to avoid what could have been a messy confrontation.

Wisely, the detectives helped to defuse the situation by carrying the accused murderers back upstairs until the police vehicle came back.