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Nine Mornings Festival blasts off

Nine Mornings Festival blasts off

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The high level of male involvement during the Launch of this year’s Nine Mornings Festival is a “positive thing” and shows that all is not lost-many young men are going down the right path.{{more}}

Calling the Launch of what was the 10th anniversary of the revived Festival “something spectacular”, Minister of Culture René Baptiste told SEARCHLIGHT that what she saw last Sunday, December 7, at Heritage Square was truly encouraging.

She said that it did not elude her that many of the participants who performed in the concert were young men – a pleasing sight.

Over the last ten years, the Nine Morning celebration has grown by leaps and bounds and for this year’s tenth anniversary, thousands turned up and showed that the Festival has truly been embraced as a unique Vincentian tradition.

It all got started with the grand street parade which included the display of six Christmas themed floats designed by Julian “Peling” Pollard. The floats beautifully and artistically displayed the various important elements of Christmas, including the scene of the Nativity and Christmas trees.

The concert, which had the audience enraptured throughout the night, featured beautiful dancing and singing and interactive intervals with the crowd, as is the norm for Nine Mornings.

An impressive fireworks display added to the spectacular event, which was filmed by a crew from regional cable channel, Carib Vision.

“There is no doubt that the people have embraced it…seeing its richness in cultural value and huge tourism potential,” said Chairman of the Nine Mornings Committee, Lennox Bowman.

Bowman said that the turnout was absolutely phenomenal, and even though growth has been taking place over the years, this year was tremendous.

Bowman told SEARCHLIGHT that besides the launch and what will take place every Morning from 4am, starting Tuesday, December 16, it is the development of the rural celebration that has most caught his attention.

He said that the rural communities have been putting a lot into the development of the Festival in their communities, and he called on community businesses to support the efforts of the various rural communities.

The budget for the Nine Mornings Festival this year is $350,000, and the three main sponsors, among the other contributors, are the National Lotteries Authority, the St Vincent Electrical Services Limited (VINLEC) and the government. (KJ)