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Death angel strikes Clouden family again

Death angel strikes Clouden family again

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Less than two months after burying her 25-year-old son, an Edinboro woman will now be making funeral arrangements for her 22-year-old daughter.{{more}}

At around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, December 3, Sheena “Tiny” Clouden was shot to death at Ottley Hall, while standing at the side of the road, where she was in the company of Jomo Brudy, information reaching SEARCHLIGHT indicates.

Sheena, who is one half of a twin, reportedly received a shot to her head, while her companion, Jomo, was admitted to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital nursing gunshot wounds.

At press time police were investigating the circumstances that led to the horrific death of the young woman.

Sources within the Ottley Hall community say that they heard what they believed to be three gunshots.

Sheena’s brother Sean Clouden was killed in the wee hours of the morning of Friday, October 10, 2008 outside the “Drop Off” nightclub in San Souci.

An assailant pumped six bullets into him, killing him on the spot.

On October 22, Leslie Ashton, a labourer of Largo Heights was charged with his murder.

Back then, a brokenhearted Kenlyn Clouden told SEARCHLIGHT that she couldn’t function and nothing was registering in her mind as she dealt with her son’s death.

Kenlyn, the mother of six, also lost another son, not to violence, but in equally horrific circumstances, when her 23-year-old son Gary died on September 12, 2006, a few days after he and six other persons were involved in a motor vehicle accident at Gordon Yard.

The driver lost control of the jeep in which he was travelling and it went over a precipice.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted the family’s Edinboro home at press time, Kenlyn’s mother, Venita Clouden said that it was really tough on her daughter.

“I am feeling it for her right now,” she said.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she is just thankful to God for her life as she prepares for the burial of yet another grandchild. (KJ)