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Opposition leader says detractors playing politics

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“If as an executive we decide to change the date of a meeting it is our business.”{{more}}

This was an upset opposition leader, Arnhim Eustace, as he responded to a recent wave of criticism that has been leveled at his New Democratic Party (NDP) by persons who claim to be supporters.

The criticism stems from the decision taken by the NDP top brass to postpone a political rally, which was originally set for Saturday, November 10th in the South Central Windward community of Lauders.

This date clashed with the Buju Banton concert, which was held at Victoria Park, the same night.

Attacks were unleashed on Eustace and his leadership for changing the date to last night (Thursday, November 15), but Eustace told SEARCHLIGHT early last week, that he couldn’t be bothered.

Eustace said that his executive met and made the decision, and the fact that it has become a talking point, is just an attempt by persons to throw a “stupid red herring”, according to Eustace.

‘I know why some of them want to do that (cause disorder), they are playing politics for their own reasons,” Eustace said.

As for the rally that should have been held last night, Eustace said that localized constituency issues will be spoken about, along with the national issues his party is concerned about.

He made mention of the dasheen packaging plant at Lauders that has been touted by government as a new, innovative move; a boost to the agriculture industry.

“It has been sitting there for two years, and isn’t functioning, and many farmers were depending on it,” Eustace said.

He also noted that high on the agenda would be the cost of living, the Value Added Tax, and increasing crime rates.

Eustace also said that while elections are some time away, his party has an eye on the South Central Windward seat, which is currently held by the Unity Labour Party’s Selmon Walters.

Eustace says that his party still believes that Minister Walters should have been fired or should have resigned alltogether, following the recent notorious statements he made during a church service to mark the commencement of public service week.

So while the elections weren’t the main reason for what the NDP expected to be a well-attended rally, Eustace says “it is part of it.”