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Vincy woman shot to death in Barbados

Vincy woman shot to death in Barbados

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Two Vincentian sisters who travelled to Barbados, still grieving for their elder sister who was gunned down last Saturday, have themselves come under attack.

The incident happened two days after Sandra and Patricia Gill arrived in Barbados to ascertain the facts surrounding their sister Anita Huggins’ murder. The sisters were in the porch where Huggins resided at Forth Road, Rendezvous, St. James, when shortly after 11 a.m. on Wednesday an assailant, resembling Huggins’ ex-boyfriend Ricardo Griffith, who is wanted by police for questioning into the death of their sister, came charging at them.{{more}}

The sisters scampered for safety and locked themselves in the house. Barbados police rushed to the scene after they were alerted of the incident.

Last Saturday morning Huggins, a Vincentian, was on her way to work when an assailant alighted a car near to her home, forced her into it and shot her three times before throwing her outside unto the road.

In Huggins’s case, the adage that there is a thin line between love and hate has proven to be true. Three months ago Huggins, who has been residing in Barbados for the past seven years, ended her relationship with her lover.

Her aunt Jacqueline Cain told SEARCHLIGHT that after the breakup, Huggins was forced into a car and taken to an area and threatened that she would be buried there.

A sister added on Thursday, June 9, while at Karaoke, Huggins received a death threat. Cain disclosed that all threats were reported to the police.

She said that the deceased, a domestic and bartender, was hoping to return to St.Vincent and the Grenadines after accumulating some money. She was anticipating doing so at the end of a vacation her two sons, Oril Abel and Devon Huggins were planning to have with her during the summer holidays in Barbados. That vacation was planned for July 28.

“She don’t deserve to die like that,” lamented Cain, who remembered her niece as a very jovial person who tried to enjoy life to the fullest in the role of both mother and father to her sons.

Cain said she hoped the police would bring the one responsible for her niece’s murder to justice soon.