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Andrews: Neighbours want my lot of land

Andrews: Neighbours want my lot of land

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Squatters at Diamond are worried that more tragedy could befall the settlement if the authorities do not step in soon and address a number of problems facing residents.

The comment came against the backdrop of the recent murder of Caldric Glasgow during an altercation believed to have been sparked by contention surrounding a plot of squatted land.{{more}}

On Tuesday, SEARCHLIGHT was told others might suffer a similar fate to that of Glasgow, who was killed on Sunday, May 29, since the area remains a hotbed of confusion.

A number of residents who do not have taps at their homes gather at the standpipe where Glasgow met his death during the wee hours of the morning, approximately from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., to collect water. This is because of the rush for the precious commodity in the overcrowded and unplanned settlement. As a result, people often end up in quarrels as they become impatient while waiting their turn.

It is clear that quite a number of these residents are experiencing serious problems.

Part of the vast squatter settlement lacks electricity, water, proper roads and drainage. Residents use the unpaved feeder roads, which are often swamped when it rains, to access the main road.

“My problem is that, though we have the boundaries plant, the neighbours want my lot of land,” Wendell Andrews, a resident of the area for the past eight years, complained.

“The situation round here is that some people want their plot and my lot,” he said.

Dawn Baptiste, a resident of Diamond for the past 11 years said, “Me and my neighbour going good and she can walk in here”.

People trespassing on “other people’s property” to pick fruits and get to their homes are chief reasons for confusion at Diamond.

In this community, people have come from all over the country and different walks of life and have but one thing in common, the need for housing. Bickering is therefore very commonplace.

“We want road, light and water,” said Baptiste, stating that she believes most of the problems derive from these issues.

“Once we get the road, light and water a number of the problems will be addressed. Right now there are problems all around,” Althian Jack, a resident of Diamond for the last three years said.

“There will be more killing round here at the same stand pipe,” Jack warned.

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