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‘He beat me’, says Bayliss Frederick

‘He beat me’, says Bayliss Frederick

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Eighty-six-year-old attorney Bayliss Frederick lost his cool momentarily at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday while awaiting his turn to answer to an assault charge.{{more}}

Frederick is charged with assaulting Police Inspector Calvin Glasgow on March 3, 2011, during the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) protest action in Kingstown. He is also charged with using a loud speaker without lawful authority.

As soon as Inspector Glasgow entered the courtroom, Frederick, 86, made his feelings known to the officer.

“I don’t like being in the same courtroom as this man. He is an evil man,” Frederick shouted, while he sat.

Opposition Senator Vynnette Frederick, daughter of the accused, asked her father to calm down and reminded him that he is a sick man who had recently suffered a heart attack.

He did not take her advice.

“He beat me. He assault me…there is a living God, so don’t forget that and may his wrath settle upon you,” Frederick continued, as the younger Frederick told him repeatedly to calm down.

While the elder Frederick continued, Glasgow stood next to one of the prisoners’ docks with a smile on his face. As Frederick continued, Glasgow was seen writing on a piece of paper.

Glasgow then said, “All yuh hear what he say he go do me. All yuh hear?”

Stating that he has published books and is a leader of a religious organisation, Frederick said, “How will it look if I have a criminal record? I did not do him anything.”

Senator Frederick, who had taken a seat next to her father beseeched him not to get riled up over the matter.

“You think I want a policeman be the cause of your demise?”

“You didn’t commit no act, Daddy. That is just an Inspector of Police walking around in police constable clothes. Where’s his khaki?” Vynnette asked.

Frederick will return to court on April 19.