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Kay Bacchus-Browne tired of murder trial being adjourned

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Defense counsel Kay Bacchus-Browne is tired of the adjournments requested by the prosecution in the Preliminary Inquiry into the Agassi Fraser murder.{{more}}

Bacchus-Browne made her feelings known on Wednesday, February 9, at the Serious Offences Court when prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche asked the court for another one-week adjournment.

Delpesche explained to Chief Magistrate Sonya Young that Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams had given him certain instructions and that another lawyer from Williams’ office will prosecute the matter.

He further told the court that he, too, will be a witness in the matter as he had done some investigations early in the case.

In response, Bacchus-Browne, who represents murder accused, Odinga Foster, said the time frame is beyond the guidelines set out by the Chief Justice.

Bacchus-Browne pointed out that the DPP has three other counsel in chambers, including Carl Williams, Sejilla McDowall and Colin John. “If it was one alone in his chambers, I would sympathise with him, but you have four of them and you want to tell me that all of them are in the High Court?” she asked.

“I don’t see any reason why Colin John can’t be here or any of the others. This is just a waste of tax payers’ money,” Bacchus-Browne stated.

Fraser’s lifeless body was fished out of the Arnos Vale river on Saturday, October 10, 2010. The 18-year-old went missing on the morning of Thursday, October 8, after he left home to visit his girlfriend who lived a short distance away.

His disappearance was reported to the police on Friday, October 9, which was followed by a $60,000 ransom demand.

Chief Magistrate Young, who said she was in agreement with Bacchus-Browne, stated that she was not very happy about the situation and wished she had been informed earlier by the prosecution.

However, the adjournment was granted and the matter is now slated for the February 17. (KW)