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Teenager fined $1000 for weed

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Chief Magistrate Sonya Young on Tuesday handed down a $1,000 fine to 18-year-old Kenroy Durrant at the Serious Offences Court. Failure to pay the fine in two months would result in him spending four months behind bars.{{more}}

Durrant, a Georgetown resident, pleaded guilty to having in his possession 624 grams of Cannabis on Sunday, 23rd November, 2008, at Fancy.

The court heard that the defendant was acting suspiciously and Police Constable 98 Michael, who was sitting at the side of the road, approached him and conducted a search, during which he found six black plastic bags and one taped package in a black knapsack, all containing the illegal substance.

Magistrate Young warned the teenager not to return to her courtroom or she would hand down a more severe sentence as she would then consider him a seasoned criminal.

Durrant was represented by Lawyer Ronald Marks. (VM)